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Please be advised that Pinnacle Pediatrics PERMANENTLY CLOSED on Friday, July 18, 2014. You may still obtain your child's medical record. Only ONE FREE copy will be given. (Additional copies may be obtained for a fee.) This can be mailed directly to your physician's office or to you. In order to obtain your child's medical records, a medical release MUST be correctly completed. Include the COMPLETE MAILING ADDRESS of the physician office or your home address in the appropriate area. Mail the release, along with a PRE-ADDRESSED 6X9 inch MANILLA ENVELOPE WITH $1.00 POSTAGE ALREADY AFFIXED TO THE ENVELOPE, to Pinnacle Pediatrics, P. O. Box 6113, Douglasville, GA 30154. We are not responsible for incorrectly addressed envelopes.You will have to resend the information if it is incorrect.

It has certainly been our pleasure and privilege to care for your family.

Dr. Brown and Dr. Fleming